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 south coast : geremeas :

From airport:
Cagliari: 40 km
From port:
Cagliari: 30 km

Geremeas beach
Geremeas is a touristic location situated on the coast of the Golf of Cagliari. You arrive there by taking Strada Provinciale 17 that runs from Cagliari towards Villasimius.
Three kilometres long Geremeas bay is definetely one of the most beautiful bays of this coast. The sea is cristalline and the sand is white and somewhat coarse.
One of the characteristics of the place are lovely dunes that surround the beach.
Interesting fact: in July 2006 Geremeas beach had withessed an exceptional event for Sardinia: for the very first time Loggerhead Sea Turtle, la Caretta Caretta, happened to lay its eggs on the beaches of Sardinia.